Finance Options

Flexible Equipment Finance

No capital outlay

The finance option requires no initial capital expenditure. By conserving capital, financing can enable funds to be better utilized in the running of the business and can also free-up capital for investment purposes. Financing options require only a monthly outlay rather than a major dollar outlay. Financing can also provide an extra source of credit that leaves existing lines of credit unaffected.

Flexible to suit your needs   

Financing can usually be catered to your specific needs whether it is via lease, rental or hire purchase. Structured payments can also be organized, for example paying quarterly, half yearly, annually or up front payments. The budgeting process is also simplified as financing guarantees a fixed payment for a specified term.

Tax & accounting benefits
So long as the equipment is used for business purposes, tax deductions are available. Under a hire purchase, the depreciation of the equipment and the interest component of the agreement are tax deductible. Under a lease and rental, the monthly installments are tax deductible.

As rentals are treated as an operating expense, they may qualify as off balance sheet financing. This results in avoiding the equity accounting calculations that are applicable to other forms of finance.

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